Model 42PFL7606K/02 / FW 000.014.093

I'm seeing a 100% reproducable crash while trying to stream recordings from the MythTV DLNA server on my PC.

  • I can see the DLNA servier on my TV
  • I can choose and display pictures from the DLNA server
  • I can chose and stream music from the DLNA server
  • I can see the 'Recordings' - section on the server, and choose to browse available recordings by e.g. Genre, Date, Recording Group etc.


As soon as I browse to the level of actual recordings (e.g.: choose for example 'By Date' and try to enter the list of recordings), after approx. 2s the screen goes dark, after another second Ambilight switches off, and the TV reboots.

This is 100% reproducable, I have not once managed to browse to a recording.

Several questions:

  • Is this the right place to raise bug reports with Philips, or is there a better way to get Philips support to notice the problem?
  • Is there important information missing from my post? If yes, I'll be happy to provide additional info
  • Does anybody of you either see the same problem, or use MythTV without seeing this problem?

Thanks, and a Happy New Year to everyone!