I have spent quite a bit of time reading through the posts from owners and Phillips.

Hope you can assist with a few remaining queries I have, as I want to purchase the BDP5200/79 but need some more information. I am also based in New Zealand which does not have a lot of information on Phillips products.

I want to be able to play AVCHD files originating from my Everio / JVC camcorder, from portable HDD via USB and streaming over Ethernet from my PC?

Can I stream a Bluray playing on the BDP5200 to my PC?

Do the Net TV apps include any streaming internet radio and is it free or subscription?

I understand the browser does not have flash, how useful do people find the browser with this limitation?

What is the range of the built in wifi, currently my network is at different ends of the house to the users, it works ok. But i have seen some posts that the built in wifi does not have a good range?

If there are already posts relating to these questions please just point me in the right direction to save everyone's time.

Plus anything else that you think me be useful, do let me know.