Hi there

I bought my TV summer 2011 and after 6 months of usage i must say that i am not satisfied with this product.

1st.First there is the software problem, with the TV updating software just fine through USB. After removing the USB and restarting the set it still says there is new software if you reinsert the USB stick.

2nd - I am almost sure that this model initially was Promoted as having HD Natural motion. This part has never been available in the options menu and now there is no mentioning of this in the spec sheet in Philips HP. but try searching Google for the TV´s part number & HD Natural motion you will find references to the opposite.
3rd - I have tried different settings to get the best possible picture quality, but with a TV with these specs i not at all satisfied. When i purchased my TV i also bought a new antenna cable in high quality to let nothing come to chance. I have all my channels in digital version from my service provider. The problem is that when object/persons move fast or just faster than slow the picture looses its sharpness and almost seem to hang a bit. I have noticed here in the forum that one other guy has described the same problems with the same model.

4th. When the TV is on and i have a black screen i have areas in the lower left & right corner that have "lit up" areas.
It looks like the lightning is faulty as these areas look like "lit up" half circles.

I hope by this message to get your input on what to do. As my set is still under warranty my initial thought is that it needs a major service overhaul.