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    B5 soundbar does not switch on but volume & switch off works fine

    Good looking design and sounds nice so no issue there. Great idea with the detachable speakers. If you do not mind several remote controls then there is no problem. We do mind though.
    Our previous set up: Samsung UE55ES6800 TV, Virgin TiVio box and soundbar from a competitor.
    We control all this with one remote control. The Virgin TiVio box remote. Great. User friendlier.

    Set up now: as per above but replaced the soundbar with Philips’ B5. Connected it to the TV using the HDMI ARC sockets on both the soundbar and the TV using an HDMI cable that is ARC compatible. I can control the volume via the cable box remote and the soundbar turns off when I turn off the TV. Great and just as before. But the soundbar does NOT turn on when I switch on the TV. CEC HDMI is switched on at the TV as per Philips instruction manual and also tried it with it turned off. This works fine with other soundbars. So we need two remote controls now and one of those just to turn on the Philips soundbar. Also tried it after disconnecting everything else from the TV. Also made sure that the TV and soundbar has the latest firmware installed. Still does not work and the set up is not so user friendly now.
    Any ideas or suggestions to get this to work?

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    Hello MrOG,

    Thank you for your post.

    Please refer to the tips in the link below:

    Kind regards,
    Philips Moderation Team

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