Hi together,

I am completely disappointed by my new NP 3900/12.

Streaming is often interrupted while the NP 3900 freezes. No chance to switch it off by pressing the Power button. You have to apply a cold power off reset.

This evening the NP 3900 completely crashes. Reset to factory settings did not succeed. No more internet connection, no more possibility to access my home streaming server.

The facts:
1. Fritz!Box 7390 with Repeater
2. NP 3900 not far away from repeater, showing two antenna beacons
3. Reference models:
a) NP 2500 on same repeater running perfectly,
b) Loewe Connect also online and running as expected.

Hardware and design of the NP 3900/12 are great, but the software seems to be rubbish!

Does anyone have any suggestions what to do - otherwise I will throw that box to a shredder