I recently bought the HTS9221. Most of the more recent networking features are new to me, so I was curious in trying them out.
When trying the DLNA capability of the system, I was surprised to find out that the track of the CDs are listed in alphabetical order. Instead I would have expected them to be listed in the order in which they are originally on the CD.

AFAIK I did nothing special when ripping the CD using Windows Media Player (v11, on Win XP) and sharing it to be accessible through DLNA. To be sure I looked for some settings about the track order, but found nothing special.
I did find a similar issue with some other DLNA player on the internet, which make me think that the issue is not caused by the ripping, nor the publishing by Media Player.

Is the order in which the tracks are displayed in the list on the HTS9221 indeed determined by the set, and not by the DLNA server?
Is it so strange that I would expect, at least per default, the order of the track to be as per the original CD?

If it cannot already be configured, I strongly recommend a firmware update to fix this issue. For example for CDs of live concerts, or of classical music where a piece of music often spans multiple tracks, it is really not an option to play in alphabetical order!

Thank you in advance for any response.