I own a Philips TV 46PFL9705H/12 and have installed latest firmware version 140.46.0.
The TV is connected to our home network wirelessly.

I am trying to connect and run Wi-Fi MediaConnect software (v. 1.6.43) to my laptop which I also connect to the same wireless network.

I select option "Start Projecting" from the Wi-Fi MediaConnect menu and the application tries to connect to the TV, showing the following message:
"Still waiting for TV to reply...."

A few seconds later the process stops with the below message:
"Could not get respond from TV. Refer to online Wi-Fi MediaConnect FAQ"

I have tried to do the same connecting both devices ( TV and laptop ) using ethernet cabling but in this case, the menu option "Start projecting" in Wi-Fo MediaConnect application, is NOT enabled.

Note that NET TV works fine using both networking options ( wired or wireless)

Please advice.