Hello There

I received delivery of my NP3900/12 last night & tried in vain for more than 3 hours to get it to play! I can stream music fine from my PC but have no access to any online Services or Internet radio.

When I press Internet Radio I get a message saying 'Empty List' & when I press Online Services nothing really happens! I thought I would be able to log in for both napster & Spotify!

My device successfully connects to the wireless internet & acquires IP address automatically & is able to stream music from my PC but will not display any online services and/or Internet Radio stations to play.

I have set & reset it many times & made sure my location/language settings are for UK. As I say, I can connect to Internet fine but just dont have any radio stations or Online services.

It has been rather frustrating as there's nothing to suggest what I should do in the User Manual under Trouble shooting either. I am totally flabbergasted why its playing no radio or any online services. Essentially, as it stands, I am considering returning it unless someone can advise what I may be doing wrong.

I also checked for software updates but the message comes up on the device that I have the latest version. I also registered on phillips.co.uk but my device says I am unregistered when I could actually see it registered on the website!

I am totally dumbstruck by it!

Can someone please advise what I may be doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.