Hi Agogo,

Yes you are right that the thread might be in the wrong place. We are trying to help you though and Kwinnie posted this today:

@ agogo am not that familiar with your device. but let s try out step by step, bear with my bad english.

Toengel mentioned (in the very beginning) there are UPG/ UPG_ALL folders containing .bin file - that should be for the Home Theatre Blu-ray models. Hence, not applicable for your model as it is DVD model.

So for DVD model:
1) Note the current firmware version

2) Unzip the firmware file downloaded. There should be 2 folders:
i) For v.**.**.**.** only, say now it s 'For v.**.**.**.02 only'
ii) For all other versions

3) So, now if you have v.**.**.**.02 firmware, you will have to refer to the i) folder; if you have any other firmware version say v.**.**.**.01, you will have to refer to the ii) folder.

4) No matter i) folder or ii) folder you refer to, you will see a bin file or 2 bin files inside.

5) Copy all the bin files in the folder that you should refer to (maybe 1 bin file or maybe 2 bin files) into the USB root directory.

6) Perform upgrade.

Did you try, can you give your outcome?

Wyneds just solved his issues so that is great news