I have just bought an SA3MXX04K/02. Device is quite good, however, concerning its features I have two major issues:

1. Fast forward is extermely slow. When I'm listening to a 3-hour mix (which is ofc one single mp3 track) and I switch off the device and want to continue the mix the next day, it just does not bookmark/memorize the last position so I need to start from beginning and fast forward to the position where I stopped before which can take up to 3-4 minutes (or even more). This is extremely annoying (even my cheap mobile phone does better). Is there any tip or trick for this or is there any firmware upgrade (bookmarking / fast scan etc.) planned in near future resolving this issue?

2. In the shop where I bought the device I was told that this device recognizes and plays Winamp playlists (.m3u). It recognizes them in folder view but it does not play. Am I doing something wrong or was I not told the truth in the shop?