Every site i try to enter to browse seems very hard to navigate inside it since there is not mouse .

So i try all the time to go down / up , I was wondering do you have any better way that user can use your apps to :
1) Type - instead of using the Remote control / My philips app in Iphone .
2) Read & Navigate - while browsing how can i navigate , the current behavior is not user friendly and actually because of it ai don't browse anymore .

The Typing experience is bad and navigating inside pages is totally hard to do , any idea .

Second problem:

When i try to type with My Philips app , many letters are not identified for example use type C , he get somthing else or number he get sign .

The My Philips app with Typing does not work properly .

I was wondering do you have QA department , the Apps needs a lot of QA and the My Philips app is not supported in manyapps , for example ( Youtube and more... )