i found on the toengel a firmware for stanby for 2012 models PFL4xx7H\12, a 99 rev, main have 97 rev. Do I keept the original , 97 , or. to update to 99 rev?

I have two more issue to debate for my 42pfl 4007h\12:

1. The sound is so weak, i have the max sound level and compare with other brand or other model is too weak.
I think there are no link beetwen graphical volum level from the screen and the raising power of sound when i press + on remote after 25 - 30 . I know that the tv has 2 x10 power of sound. i know to that are some model on this generation with 2x14 power of sound. My questin is if i can use those speaker of 14 w on my tv, or to use 2 more speaker of 10 w in parallel to create a normal sound. Or is a problems with electronic board witch have out power limitate to 2x10w?

2. The remote control(2422 549 90467) has a serious lag from i press a key to tv execute the command. I have try app for android and ios to remote the tv. I was very nice to see what fast is reaction of a command, now press now execute, instantly.

My question is if the are another remote from another series of tv that are compatible with my tv.? or another revision of remote or for module inside tv