Hi, I just bought a 42pfl3606/h to replace my old 28". Looks awesome, but something's bugging me: I set the TV to PC Mode (as recomended in the manual), and my PC to display in 1920*1080 @60Hz (supposed native resolution of the TV), but I have huge black borders arround the picture, reducing the actual dispayed picture to about 39~40" instead of 42".

Can someone tell me what I did wrong, if I did. If there is a fix for this issue. Or if it happens with every PCs, in wich case I might just go ahead and get a refund for the TV (got 5 days to change my mind and bring it back).

Thank you.

PS: (Release version TPM61E 2.20, PQ Version Flash PQ V 0.07 0808 | ATI 4890 PC-side, connected in HDMI)