There are some really annoying things in the TV firmware.

- When I switch to a digital channel there isn't a programme information panel which is shown on most set top boxes. I have to enter to Options -> What's on and then I can check the current and the next programme. That's really uncomfortable!
- EPG doesn't show up in transparent mode so while I'm checking out the guide the TV programme stops and the table has a silent black background.
- When switching to an unsubscribed channel, Conax Conditional Access window keeps appearing with the message 'No Access' making me almost unable to select another channel from the list as this window comes up again and again and closes the list itself. Okay, I should remove unsubscribed channels from the list but this is not a real solution.
- Channel grid is VERY annoying! Why can't there be a regular channel list like in older models where one can select a channel by moving up and down? Or at least to do this grid normally, I mean when I reach the end of a row and want to step right, the cursor wouldn't go to the next page, rather the next row. The way this is designed is completely illogical.
- Some USB devices such as external hard drives, digital cameras and card readers aren't recognized.
- Sleep timer can only be accessed through the menu (Home -> Settings -> TV settings -> Preferences -> Sleep timer). Why did they make it so hard to find? Other remote controllers DO have a Sleep button, why Philips ones don't? For example, the blue selector button could do it, or at least there could be a Sleep timer submenu in Options...
- Hungarian translation is awful! It's full of mistakes.

I think that's all, but it's more than enough.