Dear Philips,

I have a 50pfl7956 (Philips cinema gold) TV, with the latest software version installed (, 2011-12-21). The TV uses the pixel precise HD engine.
95% of the time I have this TV connected to my pc for playing movies.
When I play a 1080p movie and in the movie, the complete picture moves at a constant speed, then the video on the TV stutters. With moving at a constant speed, I mean the camera slowly turns round to give a panoramic view or for example when playing the closing credits of a movie, where there is not only text but also some background (for example in the movie “Shrek forever after”). I find this stuttering extremely annoying. When I play the movie both on the laptop screen and on the TV screen at the same time (clone the display) the stuttering only happens on the TV, so the problem is with the TV and not with the pc.

The stuttering only occurs if the complete picture moves, when for example a fast car moves across the screen, no stuttering occurs.
An employee at the Philips MyShop (Philips personnel only store in Eindhoven, Netherlands) told me the problem was with the pixel precise HD engine, which was not powerful enough. And that I should try to set the Perfect Natural Motion to minimal. However, I use the TV in the "PC mode" and I can't change the Perfect Natural Motion setting when the TV is in the PC mode.

A software update should be able to make the tv recognize when the picture is moving at a constant rate so that the pixel precise HD engine does not need to calculate the movement of every individual pixel

I find video stuttering when playing simple closing credits on a 2000 euro TV unacceptable, especially if the TV is provided with 60 Hz 1080p pixel information over HDMI, the TV only needs to display the pixels! no fancy internet media streaming or whatever needed.
Philips, can you please offer a solution?

anyone else experience this problem?