I've bought a 40PFL9705/H around August of 2011. During that time I've updated the TV's firmware to version 0.25 without any problems.
Yesterday I've tried to access Net TV through a wired connection, like I did in the past, but without success. The screen get stuck in "phase 3" of the connection screen.
On top of that I've found the following:
- Once I access Scenea the screen gets stuck with the loading symbol running;
- I use Reinstall TV but then I can't configure the Picture Setting, it gets stuck on the first configuration screen;
- Tried to update de Firmware without success as well due to a Programming error;

My spouse mentioned sometimes when you turn on the TV it goes back to stand-by mod after a couple of seconds, but I didn't gave much attention to it.
Although I still can see mu TV channels it seems the whole software/menu is broken. Honestly I wasn't expecting this for this kind of product.

Any idea on the situation or even how to resolve it?

Best regards.