Hi, all!

I cannot understand: MCD909/12 has SPDIF input or output? If I look at mcd909_12_pss_eng.pdf file at page 3 then I see:

  • Audio/Video Output: 2 x RCA (Audio), component video out, composite video (CVBS) out, digital audio coaxial out, digital optical out, HDMI out, Headphone (6.3 mm), SCART out, S-Video out
  • Aux in: 2 x RCA (Audio)
  • USB: USB Host

But in mcd909_12_dfu_eng.pdf file at page 12 I see:

Connect audio cables

To hear audio from other audio devices as well as the accompanied speakers, select a preferred audio connection:
  • Option 1: connect a coaxial cable
  • Option 2: connect an optical cable
  • Option 3: connect analog audio cables

Option 2: connect optical cable

You can connect an optical cable to enjoy high-quality digital audio from this apparatus.

I understand that 2nd talks about optical input? Where I am wrong?

Another question: can MCD909/12 to receive audio by HDMI? My TV definitely can to transfer the audio by HDMI (ARC), ie from TV to receiver.