I tried finding an answer in the FAQ's on the Philips.com website, I read the manual a couple of times and still I can't get digital audio to work on my 32pf9641D. So right now I hope to find some help here, in the community.

My setup;
1. PC connected with DVI -> HDMI to the HDMI-2 channel on the TV.
2. PC has an SoundBlaster Audigy 4 soundcard with digital audio output channel.
3. I connected the SB Audigy with a coaxial RCA digital audio cable to the TV, I put the cable in the "DIGITAL IN" at the back/under side of the TV.
4. In the TV-installation menu, I selected the DIGITAL IN and selected the output to go to HDMI2-channel (where my PC is connected too). As for the HDMI-2-channel, I selected it to be "PC".

Configuration of the PC: I turned off the onboard soundcard. Then selected the SPDIF OUT (Creative SB Audigy 4 WDM) as main soundcard. When I press "Test" in the configuration menu, I see the soundbars go up, but I don't hear any sounds.

Troubleshooting so far:

- Volume on tv is set to 80 (out of 100).
- The "mute" button isn't pressed.
- Volume on PC is set to max and not muted.
- I restarted both TV and PC.
- The DIGITAL IN is set to output to HDMI-2-channel
- I de-installed the Audigy soundcard and re-installed the drivers.

So, does anyone have any ideas/tips for me on how to proceed further to get the digital audio working?

Thanks in advance,
- Michiel