Dear Philips’ developers!

I bought a new 46PFL9706K TV for 2300 € last week. And what can I say after testing one of philips' best TV-products yet?

The picture is amazing! The sound (for this very flat TV) is very good! Ambilight is one of the best innovations philips ever made!

!!!!!BUT!!!!! the software is rediculous! It's a piece of sh*t - not more! NetTV has so much bugs and is so slow - I'll not even think about to use it. The USB connection is just crap -> here an example:


I tried to watch some movies from my USB Harddrive, but it’s not possible!? With a f***ing 2300 € TV!?
More than the half of my movies can't be read because of a missing DTS audio codec. Missing codec which is so common - in a 2300€ TV? You have this codec in your 100€ BluRay Players. Why it is not possible to put this codec in this hyper-expensive TV?

Ok. No codec - I'll try to watch an other movie - with an AC3 codec:

1. movie works fine, the quality is good - I was really happy

2. After 40min I had to make a 2min break and pressed the "Pause ||" button

3. But after I pressed the Play Button the movie started from the beginning again ;-(

4. Than I tried to fast-forward the movie, but after 3min I had a frozen picture on the screen and couldn't do anything!!!


So tell me: why should your customers pay more than 2000 Euros for a TV which they cannot use because of the worst software on earth?

I’m glad that Germany has a "you can give a product back within 14 days" law. Cause I will use it and get my 2300 Euros back. And then I'll buy a 46D8090 Samsung TV (1600 €) which has (maybe) a less good hardware - but it'll be possible to use it!

Oh, and I hope that TPV has better SW-developers and will fix your messed up-software after buying Philips’ TV business branch in march ’12.