Dear all,
if there were any changes last days in Spotify or Spotify Connect for Android TV?
From couple days I cannot play music from my laptop to my tv-set. I can remember that some time ago ( about week ) everything was working OK.
Spotify on laptop can see my TV, but when I click on the other devices in PC app - and when I choose my tv - nothing is happening. Oh sorry - I can see info - Connecting, but that is all.
I was trying some advices from this community, but without any success.

Any ideas what is wrong? There was some Spotify update in last week?
And yes - I still have the premium account

Without any answer

So I need to ask here - maybe somebody can help me.
Okay - I cannot connect by Spotify Connect. My computer can see the tv set, i can choose the PFS 8109 from the list, but there is no reaction from the tv.
What is the problem? It have always worked good but now the app is useless.
I NEED HELP!!! I had paid many € for this tv, also I'm paying for Spotify Premium, but right now - I cannot use it as I prefer.

So - anyone? Any solution? There was update of Spotify Connect for Android TV?
One more thing - I can uninstall this app from tv, but I cannot find in the Apps from Philips and also in the Google Play Store? What is happening now?

Ehh... please help.