Hello all,

I have a 32PFL7605C12 with PTA01 wifi dongle.
From november 2010 to october 2011 everything worked fine (IP-EPG, Net TV)
After installing FW140.40 and clearing net TV memory I got stuck in the terms & conditions menu.
At that time the 'downgrade-accept-upgrade' solution was not yet available.
Instead, service replaced my main board.

From that moment I have the problem that my TV performs automatic reboots every now and then.
It can be present 10 times in a day and then it is away for a week.
I think I found a clue yesterday that it might have something to do with the following:
My TV is connected via wireless with a USB Harddisk with DLNA connection on my wireless router.
I can browse movies, pictures and music on this harddisk from my TV.
I experienced automatic reboot problems of my TV 2 days in the past 10 days.
Now I remember it were the two days that I changed content on my HD
(removed/added movies, re-organised picture directory)

Could there be a reason for the crashes/resets of my TV?
- Is there a limit in the amount of files that the TV can handle on connected DLNA devices?
- Does the TV check periodically the content of DLNA devices? (and crash when content is changed)

Philips and other users: anyone with similar problems or tips?

Kind regards,
Niels Geerts