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The 1.42 version give me a lot of problems. Where can I found the 1.35 version to install it?

Common bug in 1.42 and 1.35: if I set the wireless network on my router to 450Mbit/s, the player cannot connects. I need to set to 217Mbit/s. It very strange because one time the player got the connection and it reached a 300Mbit/s. My other device has no problem both with 450Mbit/s and 217Mbit/s. The router is new!

Bugs in 1.42:
  1. Wifi very unstable
  2. DLNA is very unstable: the BD freezes. (as olaf-g)
  3. I cannot stream in DLNA any kind of videos, photo or music. BD exits and says "Disconneted server" (as olaf-g). The server is working.
  4. I have tried with different DLNA server and with other devices works all perfcectly, with the BD is impossibile to stream anything.

Please: give me a valid link to the 1.35 version.
Philips clearly doesn't have the resources to invest in software that's fit for purpose. I suggest you try Sony or Samsung or wait for Apple to bring out a blu-ray player or smart TV with streaming function and apps that actually work.