OK, here are some initial impressions from me, located in Skopje, Macedonia:

- The look: very nice, congrats are in order.
- Date/Time is OK
- Weather home city is correct, was auto-detected, updates everytime I open the Smart TV interface
- Recomendations - I watch TV from an external DVB-T STB connected to SCART (Boomtv.mk), so I have not seen any recomendation (not sure if it even possible when using an external STB).


- MUCH slower than before, I hope this is resolved sooner than later. The loading of the interface, the navigation within the interface, the clicking/moving/removing apps is all much slower than before. Net TV interface had been very speedy in the last 2-3 months. When clicking an app, you need to wait 1-2-3-4 secs before the "loading" starts. Apps work more or less with the same speed as before.
- Stability issues are present, possibly connected with the responsability of the portal. Example, when starting an app (TuneIn), the whole interface froze in a mix of the new interface and the Net TV login screens from the TV, like it was trying to relogin to the portal...and after 10-15 secs TuneIn was loaded.
- The "Now on TV" preview is showing some lines/dots in the upper left (above the picture from the actual program, on a black background) - while I don't see any of these lines/dots when I switch to watching TV (EXT1). I can send a photo of this problem if it helps, please advise.

I think that the most important thing to concentrate on at the moment is general speed of starting/navigation/usage of the portal. Stay well all.