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    The last two nights I took a new, slightly longer look at SmartTV. This time most of my observations were the same as on the first night. I used quite a few apps and found no big problems, just a few:

    - Viewster did work, watching a trailer worked fine, but watching the movie itself was extremely slow, up to the point that the movie looked more like a slide show...

    - the German Online TV works fine, but Pro7 videos can not be played and when returning one step from a ZDF video back to the ZDF Mediathek, the ZDF app freezes. One can still return to Online TV and try again or simply reload the ZDF app, to unfreeze it though. Doing the same directly from ZDF Mediathek (not starting from Online TV) does not cause any problems.

    - the weather in the top right is correct when first loaded, but it isn't updated at all. Even when returning to SmartTV a few hours later, the temperature is still the same. Only after reloading SmartTV manually the temperature is updated. And when you do reload, for a short time the background colour does match the time of day, only to become bright again right after that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chrissie18 View Post
    actually, while checking this, I also found anothe issue: I did not get a pictue in the PIP part of NetTV.. Not sure how I did this, but I'm guessing that it happened after I swithced to HDMI, opened NetTv, switched to 'Watch TV' and then back to NetTV...
    - yesterday the whole day, the PIP didn't work for me either. The day before it worked most of the time, but not always. Especially when first loading SmartTV it does not work. Only after using an app and returning to the main screen, the PIP works again. But as I said, not yesterday.

    And about the horizontal stretching instead of proper zooming of the picture in the PIP-window: I experimented a little to find out if it would be possible at all to change this bad effect from their end (SmartTV) instead of our end (Firmware). I visited all the apps I know that show the PIP and these are the results:

    SmartTV: stretched horizontally
    IP-EPG: the same as SmartTV
    Internet: the same as SmartTV
    Online TV: the same as SmartTV

    HbbTV ZDF Mediathek (red button): proper zooming, including overscan correction (though a bit too much, but nobody is perfect)

    So the conclusion is: Philips, please look at the HbbTV ZDF Mediathek to see how it's done and possibly perfect it even further, please! Also the bright triangle in the upper left corner to mimic reflection really is too much. Just make it a couple of slightly brighter lines, or remove it completely, as the way it is now, the contrast in that area is very bad, especially when the picture is rather dark.

    And finally one question, just as Toengel asked before: what is the correct setting to enable the recommendations?... Should the option say "Recommendation on" or "Recommendation off"? I ask, because until now the recommendations shown have never changed for me, even though I didn't watch that particular channel for a long time now and I did try both settings.
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