I cannot get WFMC to hold a connection to my TV. Sometimes projection starts and then the connection drops after about 10 seconds. Other times the WFMC software clearly sees the TV but then says it can't get a response. Setup particulars:

  • My TV is a 40PFL4706/F7, software version PHL-0AB_313_0 (I've checked and there aren't any updates available). I'm in the Eastern USA, so I assume it's a US version (I've see things on the web about US vs. European TV and WFMC versions)
  • PC is running Win7 Home Premium 64-bit, WFMC v1.6.42. Firewall is off. PC has a wired connection to the router.
  • Network is through a Linksys E1200 wireless router (WiFI-N). Similar results were obtained with a WRT54GL (WiFi-G)
  • There are only a few other WiFi devices operating on the network.

Unfortunately I'm not really able to try a wired connection to see if the results differ. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, as I'd really like to use this feature of the TV.