when I switch from the SAT settop box to the PS3 game console I want to get rid of the 200ms delay that come with the Natural Motion turned on and some other image optimizations at my 52PFL9704.
When I just select the "Smart setting" "Game" then they are turned off and there is no delay in the picture but the colors are far too much. So when i then turn down the colors with the quick setting menu, then it just overwrites my "Personal smart setting"!?! This is something I really don´t want because I have quite some other settings in my personal setting which I use when viewing satellite TV!!!

So what is the solution? Why is it not possible to have a least a second personal setting memory place:
- one for watching SAT TV (with Natural Motion on and everything and my prefered colors
- and one for playing console games with no delay (with Natural Motion off and also with my prefered colors

I just cannot believe it

Or do i just not understand how to set it up?

Thanks a lot in advance,