One year ago I bought a television 40PFL9705H and a soundbar HTS7140/12 with the 3D upgrade kit PTA02 (Active 3D glasses and 3D transmitter).
During several months I used them only for TV because there was a frequent random problem of "Disk not present". This problem was solved with the guaranty by the change of the bluray disk reader.
This month I bought my first 3D blu-ray disk. On the box of this disk the movie format is 1920x1080p HD 2.35:1 -16/9 with the blu-ray 3D logo. But it not possible to get the 3D mode.
I verified:
* I use the last software fot the both (television:SW=Q5551- and soudbar:System=40.11, Subsystem=54-00-00-04).
* I use the HDMI ARC
* I changed the batteries of the glasses.
* I got the 3D menu. For the tests I can switch between Auto, Side by side, top/bottom
* If I choose "Side by side" or "top/bottom" I can sense an activation of the glasses but I get superimposed images.
* If I choose "Auto", I can sense an de-actvation of the glasses.
but I get never a 3D viewing.
Today I am disappointed by these purchases. We are far from the 3D ready...

Please, Could you help me ?
Best regards.