Recently we bought a 42PDL7906H/12. We already had a blu-ray player (BDP7500S2/12). Both have the latest updates.

I'm trying to play SBS-3D-movies (mkv-format) with subtitles. It's possible to play the movies in 3D, but I'm struggling to show the subtitles properly.

Different methods I've already tried:
- connect USB-device directly with TV: some mkv-files are played (1 out of 10 I have), the srt-subtitles are then displayed correctly (black background, not in middle, but that's not a problem..)
- connect USB-device with blu-ray: subtitles are not readable, very blurry.. In 3D-modus, the subtitles are divided in two..
- srt-file to a 3D sub/idx-file and merged with mkv-file: works on computer (not 3D, but two halves with on both sides subtitles), but on TV, the subtitles are not shown..

Is there a way to show the subtitles properly on tv and/or bluray? Or is there a way to manipulate the files?