I have a problem with my new 46PFL9706K02 TV ( firmware Q5551- release for TV550R3).
I have appended a Western Digital 500 gB (usb 3.0 / 2.0 compatible) harddisk to the usb port and tried to format it. The formatting process started, ended correctly, but then the writing speed test failed. It gave me the message that the speed is not enough and to find a a faster external drive. ( i am surprised, since a 3.0 usb drive is the latest issue on the market). Furthermore, when I go to the TV guide, my external drive is not recognized, as I am asked to connect my external memory.

Can someone tell me which external driver I can use to record on it. Are there compatible brands and other which are not? Or if there is a bug with the TV can Philips fix it.

The guy at MediaMarkt told me that i have bought the best TV on the market. I have put the price, and i'd love to have a TV that works correctly.