Hello all
i don´t know if this is the right site to insert this question, please let me know if have to move it in anothe section
I have a
37PFL7606H/12 with 014.093.000

I have noticied that when tv is connected to my wired lan where there is QNAP NAS and my DSL router.
TV seems to works fine in networking apps
i can browse the internet.
i can access the NAS (DLNA Twonky media server)
i can see net tv

but after sometime perhaps an hour or half an hour, the first symptioms start: watching tv some voice cuts (1 second) appears the you can continue watching tv for other 20 minutes with no porblems, perhpas voice cuts appear again, and the suddenly the TV hangs and reboot it, (Black screen no voice and for 20 seconds) and continue with watching in the same channel where it was.

It happens with many channels (HD and SD)

testing i have checked that when network cable is unplugged i haven´t found this problems

I have factory default in order to reset setting cause i ´ve tought that ir could be some related but not

I have checked with dhcp or fixed ip same behaviour

Please help

Thxs in advance and sorry for my poor english