Dear Support,

I have a HTS7111 Soundbar connected to a 55PFL7606 TV. For a while, the Soundbar often does not recognize when the TV is switched on, or HDMI ARC is shown in the display of the Soundbar, but a volume change is not possible (TV shows volume bar, but on the Soundbar display remains "HDMI ARC" and the sound is still coming out of the TV speakers, not through the Soundbar). My workaround at the moment is, to power off the Soundbar when the TV is switched on and power on the Soundbar again, using the remote control of the soundbar. I don't think this matches the idea of easylink.

What I've tried so far:
Disabled Easylink on all systems, take the from power supply for a few minutes and enabled Easylink again for a fresh initialization (what Alex@Toengel has recommended in his blog as well).
Re-Checked all settings (Speakers, Easylink, Audio Control etc.) on TV and Soundbar.
On the TV I've set the speakers settings to "Easylink-Autostart" (which switches sometimes to "Easylink" only for reasons I don't know).

Do you have any idea to solve this problem?

My configuration:

HTS7111 ----> HDMI ARC ----> 55PFL7606
BDP7600 ----> HDMI 1 ------> HTS7111

Als systems have the newest firmware on it. All HDMI cables are high speed / high quality 1.4a ARC/CEC/ETH standard and tested.

Thank you for your help,