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    Question SHB3060 power problem

    Hi everyone,

    I have a SHB3060 pair of headphones that I bought approx. a year ago.
    They've been working perfectly, until the last battery charge. Now, they only turn on if they are connected to the plug through the USB wire. I have tried resetting pressing the on/off button while connected to the power, and it did reset because it asked me for pairing permission, but as soon I unplug it from the USB source it seems like it doesn't have any battery left, when it's been charging up for 3 hours.
    Hope someone can help me, I wouldn't like to use them just as normal headphones.

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    Hi Elitorralo!

    You have done absolutely well contacting us here in the Forum as we shall of course take a look into the issue you are facing with your SHB3060 headphones

    Have you tried perhaps another cable for charging just to be sure there is no gap causing them not to charge? 1 year use is definitely not what Philips expects, which is sad. Really good you have done a reset as that also improves and helps but it seems in your case the inbuilt battery has given up.
    Do you have the invoice to the headphones? You have 1 year warranty together with the invoice.
    In order for us to be able to help you further in this case we kindly ask you to contact your local support here.

    While we have you on the thread, I also want to invite you to our new Forum, Audio Community, as this page will be closing down soon. Share, comment and let your voice be heard with us here.

    I really hope you can be able to enjoy your headphones soon again.

    Many regards,
    Philips - Nicolle

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