I just bought bluray player (BDP5200/12 SW 1.35) and tried Net TV features such as Internet. The problem occurs when I try to surf to websites. I can write website address but when I click the arrow to the right (so it would surf to the address I just wrote) it doesn't do anything, it just freezes. I have tried to push Back-button on the remote, all arrow buttons on the remote, but nothing happens. Only when I press the main menu button on the remote (House icon) it goes to the main menu. Then when I choose Net TV from the main menu it doesn't open Net TV at all, it only shows black screen and nothing happens.
Also the App Gallery gives sometimes error message, that the service is unavailable or some maintenance work is being done (can't remember the exact message). Sometimes App Gallery works just fine.

Some of the apps in the Net TV, for example Youtube, work just fine. I'm able to play discs and browse files from my computer, change bluray player's settings.

I have registered my email to Philips Club, received confirmation email message with the link to confirm my registration and update my profile information and registered my bluray player there with serial number. Still when I start Net TV, it sometimes asks me to register. I always give my email (that I have already registered), it says that an confirmation email has been sent to my email and that I should follow the instructions to finish my registration (which I have already done.) Then I click OK, but it says registration is not finished and that I should follow the instructions that I received in the email. After this there's only option to click OK and finish the regitsration later.

Is this a bug at player's software v.1.35 or some error at your server and Internet app or has something gone wrong with my registration.

Can you PLEASE HELP ME!!! I just bought the player and already it's driving me nuts