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    Muse2: Random track within Album & GUI improvement requests

    Model SA2MUS16S/17 - firmware 1.36.0 (latest as of 2012-02-04)

    I'd like to report some issues and would appreciate any advices to have them fixed.

    ISSUE #1: (BUG) Tracks within album are played in random order
    Music -> Select View Mode = Album
    The sorting of the tracks is unpredictable. Some albums, tracks are sorted alphabetically. But most of the time, the sorting is random. Like 57, 45, 39, 22, 16, etc.
    Track details: MP3, tag format: ID3 v2.4, tagger software = PuddleTag 0.10.6
    All albums are perfectly tagged with track # 01, 02, 03, 04. The filenames are also prefixed with track number. Ex: 01 - Title1, 02 - Title2, etc.
    These albums are parsed correctly by other Philips player (SARA2 and SARA3).
    Of course, I have checked that the play mode is NOT set to "shuffle". I listen audiobooks, the track order is of utmost importance.
    This is a critical issue which makes the use of this device quite stressfull. Each time it skips to next track, I must check and navigate manually to the right track.

    It seems like the Muse2 has troubles to parse mp3 tags ID3 v2.4. When the album is retagged using ID3 v2.3 the issue is gone. As discussed in this post: Album tracks in wrong order

    This is definitely a bug b/c Ariaz2 & 3 parse OK tags ID3 v2.4

    ISSUE #2: (GUI) Browse view mode must be remembered permanently
    Browsing the media library. The default view mode is "Artist & Album". If changed to another view mode, for example "Album". This view mode must become the default one. Which means, when the device is shutdown and powered on again. The Media library view mode "Album" must be automatically selected.

    ISSUE #3: (GUI) Play buttons, must hide play mode buttons
    When playing MP3, the bottom play buttons has: Repeat mode, Skip backward, Play, Skip FW, Shuffle/Normal mode. The "Repeat" and "Shuffle" buttons should be moved to the context menu (opened by top right button). Once these buttons removed. make the Back, Play. FW buttons BIGGER. Also it would be more convenient to increase the height of the "Toolbar" by 50% or even 100% (by toolbar, I mean the bar on top, just below the very top row). There are are few buttons there which are rather hard to hit.

    The touch interface makes impossible to operate the device in blind mode. I must now look at the screen to hit the buttons. On top of that, the presence of the Repeat/Shuffle buttons, which are rarely used, are hit accidentally all the time. Once done, the playing experience becomes really confusing. The Shuffle button hit accidentally combined with the bug described in ISSUE #1 warrants endless headaches to the user.

    ISSUE #4: (GUI) MP3 Playing screen, must displayed track/total, bitrate, date
    The 3.2 inches screen of the Muse2 has enough room to display more tag info. The most important is track index / total. For example if the album has 45 tracks and the track #18 is playing. The top line must display somewhere 18/45.
    In addition, the date must be displayed along side with the time. Why? because the device has date and there is room on the screen.
    Optionally, it would be useful to display the bitrate info instead of "Equalizer: on/off". Why, b/c there is enough room. And the bitrate is a variable info while the Equalizer on/off is a one time setting which doesn't need to be reminded everytime.

    ISSUE #5: (GUI) Browsing Media Library by Album, tracks must loop within the SAME album
    When browsing Media Library by Album, the right list display the tracks of the album. But when scrolling past the first/last tracks, the content of the previous/next album is displayed. This makes no sense. The normal behaviour must be that the track listing must loop within the album. Repeating the Issue #1 here. The tracks must be sorted by track #, if tag info is missing, then the sorting must be by file name.
    In my opinion, the best view for media library view by album is:

    - Left column: Album Cover Image (instead of a list if album name). If the album has no cover, display an empty square with the album name inside. This column is slidable up/down to allow to change album.

    - Right column: the listing of the tracks of the currently selected album. This column is slidable to select/search track.

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