Hi there,

According to the specifications of this TV, mkv-files could be played, using a USB-stick, connected directly to the TV.
At the moment, I've 4 Side-By-Side mkv-files. Because it's hard to play SBS-movies with subtitles with my blu-rayplayer (bdp7500s2/12), I want to play them directly on the TV, using a USB-stick.

But.. from the 4 SBS-mkv-files, 2 are playing correctly. One of them can be played in 2D-mode (left and right screen), but I can't select 3D -> Next to each other. The 4th file, can't be played by the TV. Video codecs are the same for all files, audio codec is different for 4th file (see note).

Does someone know why some of the files can be played by the TV and others can't? All 4 files can be played with the blu-rayplayer, but then I think it's impossible to show subtitles (srt, sub/idx, sub,..) correctly in 3D-mode. Also on the computer, I can play all files (in 2D-mode).

Can this problem be solved in a future update of the firmware of the TV? Or will/can the problem with the subtitles on the blu-rayplayer(s) from philips in 3D-mode be solved in a future update?

Thx in advance!

more info about codecs:
- 2 working files + file I can't change to 3D mode -> video: MPEG4/ISO/AVC and audo: AC3
- 1 file TV doesn't recognize -> video: MPEG4/ISO/AVC and audo: DTS