Hello guys!

Yesterday i bought 47PFL4606H Philips Full HD TV, and what is amazing me, that this device does not have actually a RCA outputs. This is bad because my old amplifier for my speakers does not support any digital inputs.

Okay i found that theres workaround for that by googling a bit. Basicly what I'm trying to achieve, is that

TV HEADPHONE JACK 3.5mm--> RCA, white and red to amplifier.

First problem that i notice , the sound only comes from one channel/left or right i quess its mono then. Also another huger problem is, that i don't have any other way to control the headphone sound output volume, exept to stand up and go to the amplifier and roll the volume roll. This is only because its so dam hard to use the headphone volume setup by remote on the television.

Basically u need like 5 button presses to actually get to the options that can adjust the soundvolume of headphones?!

Is there any solution to get the televisions remote control to actually control the headphone jack volume, not the TV speaker volume. Also I'm interested how to get actual stereo (2.0) from the headphone jack.

Hope u understood my problems, not native speaker

Sincerely Henri