Connecting peripherals 42PFL7606H/12

42PFL7606H/12 in use with Sky HD+ box and Sony DZ230 Entertainment Centre and a Toshiba D-VR15SB DVD/VCR recorder TV HDMI 1 (ARC) connected to Sky box, TV HDMI 2 connected to Sony and the Sky box Scart 'TV' is connected to the Sony centre single Scart. The Sky Scart 'DVD/VCR' is connected to the Toshiba Scart AV2 and the TV single Scart is connected to the Toshiba Scart AV1 connection. The external analogue aerial is connected directly to the Phillips TV aerial socket, which enables direct input of analogue transmitted signals for input to the TV's digital Freeview DVB-T receiver.

I want to play sound outputs through the Sony centre whether they originate from the TV (i.e. digital Freeview etc.) or from either the Sky, Sony or Toshiba inputs. However, the HDMI 2 connection to the Sony centre does not work 2-way as the Sony HDMI is an output only! I can only get the sound output through the Sony centre by making the Sky box Scart 'TV' connection directly to the single Scart on the Sony centre, I also have to mute the TV to save echo effects, etc. If watching a Digital Freeview channel with Sky box in standby I can only get sound from the TV and not the Sony centre as no other connection exists.

Q. Are these connections acceptable to Phillips (?) and do they seem the best way of achieving the following:-
(i) Sound output via Sony centre from Sky and DVD/VCR or from drectly played DVD's etc. on the Sony centre?
(ii) Is there a way of getting sound by changing connections or adding connections from TV to Sony centre when watching Freeview etc.
(iii) Are the connections shown above an acceptable way of getting visual signal inputs to TV from both Sky box, Sony centre and Toshiba DVD/VCR or is there a better way?
(iv) Is there any way of keeping sound from TV semi-permanently muted as each time TV is turned off and on the sound returns from the TV requiring it to be muted again if using the Sony centre for sound output?

Unfortunately the new Phillips TV appears to require manual entry into "Source" programme each time a selection is required from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 or to "Watch TV" mode for Freeview etc. Unl;ess anyone can suggest a way of getting automatic response on automatic selection or switching of input items, e.g. from Sky, from Sony DVD player, or from Toshibal DVD/VCR player? I have been spoilt my previous 42PFL7962T TV which incidentally failed recently after 3 years use, was all connected via HDMI sockets and via 2 x Scart sockets which were in-built into the TV and also via a Phillips multi-Scart switching device.