Let me go through the system first.
tv philips 55pfl7705dvf7 with the only firmware version of media connect listed phl-0da_713_0

computer running ms vista 32 bit
AMD Turion 64 x 2 Mobile Technology TL-58 1.9Ghz.
1.8 Ghz memory available
24gb hard drive space
wi-fi 802.11n router - one wall between tv/laptop and router

so i think this is the recommended if not at least the minimum?

I have an n adapter in the laptop and also one in the tv.

the media connect does connect through the wi-fi but immediately the CPU usage shoots up to 100% and i get the message "pc overload". well i read through all the faq's. I tried using both wired and wireless configurations only get the same message. through services manager i disabled both antivirus and firewall but pc usage is still up to 100% and loses connection with any other command executed on the computer. Actually, when the firewall is disabled it loses network connection as the initial exception was setup through the firewall and it doesn't see it anymore?

I don't know, maybe the computer isn't powerful enough. but by the requirements listed i would hav thought it would work no problem. Let me know if anyone has any ideas.