Model: SA2MUS16S/17 - Firmware 1.36.0

Scenario: Home screen, Select Music, View mode = by Album.

STEP1: Select an album, then a track to play.

STEP2: The player plays track by track and move on to subsequent albums.

STEP3: while in the mp3 playing screen, hit the media library button (the grid icon on the top toolbar). The Media library screen shows the same screen than in Step1. It would make more sense if this screen get sync'ed with the playing track, positioning the cursor on the current playing Album and track. Additionally, it would be even better to highlight the current playing album & track in a different ink color.

Hope that Dev Team would agree to implement this feature. This would improve significantly the user experience. This would hint quickly "Where am I in this album?". Currently, to answer this question, the user must do quite a number of navigations to get the answer.