Hello!I have bdp5200/12 with latest firmware.HDMI setting is set on auto.When I watch DVD it is upscaled to 1920x1080/50 but video is not smooth - video stops randomly for a while during whole playback on every DVD.This not happens when upscaling 720p mkv or lower resolution avi files reading from HDD.Blu rays also have no problem with playback!But it is disturbing - I have 600 DVD and 2 blu rays- 1 2D and 1 3D.Thats why I bought optical drive but not media player.
Another problem I have noticed is strange noise even when in standby/then it is much lower/.It is some kind of squealing electronic sound not mecanichal from optial drive.It is observed when browsing HDD or use NETTV.Is this normal or i have to worry about it?