hi guys i hope you can help, i have a 7 series 40" ambilight, unsure of exact model as its wall mounted at present and dont fancy taking it down,

the problem i have is before i moved i had the myremote app working just fine connected wired to my wireless cable router,
now i have moved my router is now too far away to hard wire to the router without slinging multiple cables across my house, as i also have sky anytime plus and a desktop pc near the tv, and i have also lost my actual remote

so to get around this, i thought i could use an old DSL netgear WNR2000 cable router lying around as a wired access switch via my sky router.

now the sky anytime and the desktop pc both have web connectivity but i am unable to find my tv on the myremote app,

is there a problem in connecting via a wired switch to a wifi router when attempting to use myremote??

cant really afford the wifi adapter for the tv either so if possible i would like this resolved.

sorry for the long post but wanted to give you as much info as possible,
thank you for your time and patience, i look forward to hearing from you