I recently purchased a wonderfull Philips 9000 series Smart LED TV 46PFL9706T 117 cm (46"). Unfortunately the 3d glasses required (and recommended) for this tv aren't available anywhere for the upcoming 2-3 weeks*.

*Which is, imo, not a good way to start my 3d experience.. minus 1 point
*There should (at least) be one set of 3d glassesprovided with the tv, which isn't (for a tv in this pricerange very sad).. minus 1 point..
*I called customer service to ask about the availebility in my country but the guy was very uninterested and rude to me.. Caanntt hheellpp yyoouu ssiirr, ii''mm ssoorryyy.. I'm shocked MINUS 1 POINT..

Anyway, since I bought the tv and it's already attached to the house, I will put those glasses on order and wait for it to be deliverd..

My question: do I really need the active glasses or can I use the easy glasses to view 3d movies?