I have an older surround receiver with no hdmi. I prefer to let my TV do the switching between sources. Direct Coax/spdif bd-amp is no good solution for me.

When i connect my bdp7500 to my pfl9705 the bdp hdmi-sound is always only stereo (two channel, not even coded with ProLogic so surround is impossible). Both player and TV have newest fw.

The bdp gives multichannel on hdmi when connected to a newer (friends) receiver.
The TV gives multichannel passthrough from other DVD-players, Playstation3, PC m.m. But not from bdp7500.

Does anybody have the same or similar problem with other models and combinations? What models does work, if any?

Why does this problem occur (on newer TV.models with passthrough as an advertised feature)? ¨

Any remedy?