I have connected the Wii game console via a Scart cable (both video and audio) to my TV (42PFL7665) with the latest firmware installed.

I also have cable from the TVs SPDIF Digital Out to my Home Cinema System. The home cinema switches automatically to Stereo, Dolby Digital, DTS, etc. depending on the signal the TV is sending to the home cinema.

My Wii is set to use Surround sound, and it is sending Dolby Prologic II to the TV. However, the Digital Out is sending PCM Stereo signal to my Home Cinema set instead of Pro logic II.
Did I make a mistake in my setup or is this the way it is working?

Would it make sense to use the phone jack to feed audio from the TV to the Home Cinema to get Prologic?

Obviously, I could connect the audio from the WII directly to the home cinema, but I prefer to have the choice between TV sound or home cinema sound.