I've bought the MCI730 in November 2011 for our party room. Just before Sylvester I found the time to pack it out and put it in place. After set-up, the new firm ware was loaded and installed. The first music tests (short) were good. The sound was great. On Sylvester day the misery begun. First the WiFi connection was disconnected time-by-time. Then I switched to USB to keep the party going. Then the songs on the USB stick halted. The music stopped and the mci730 had to be restarted.

- top design
- good sound
- internet radio (somehow it works without WiFi disconnection appearing)

- the WiFi connection fails now and then (the router is located in the next room)
- MP3 on the USB stick fails sometimes after 10 songs, sometimes after 20 songs, sometimes after 50 songs and sometimes during the first song (changed USB sticks - no improvement), the MP3 songs are official downloaded songs and not self made with poor software
- MP3 burned on CD: some songs are played, some are jumped over
- I've tried the USB sticks and CDs with many other player and they all work fine - only mci730 will not work properly
- while using CD-R sometime instead of the name of the artist and song title the display shows chinese characters (my wife is chinese and she said that they are really chinese characters, but they make no sense.

If I would have known earlier about all the trouble with this mci730, I would not have bought it.

Is there anything that can be done? Does it makes sense to send the machine to repair to Philips?

The next machine will be tested right after I received it and - if failed -returned within the 2 works period.