V1.42 is only released for BDP6000/12
V1.35 still applies to BDP5300K/51

V1.42 includes the following changes:

YouTube Leanback app is added to NetTV.

The former firmware version includes the following changes:

Upgrade Facebook application in NetTV. (V1.35)
Improve playability on HBO Eastbound and Down Season 2. (V1.35)
Improve playback operation on rental movies from online video stores via Net TV. (V1.35)
Remove an unwanted screen saver when playback .mkv files from USB flash drive. (V1.35)
Enable Videociety online video store via Net TV in Germany and Austria. (V1.35)
Solves the issues with VideoCity VOD service. (v1.31)
Fixes the issues found on the following Blu-ray discs: (v1.31)
o HBO True Blood Season 3, unintended graphics in the Bonus feature menu Trueblood lines.
o Sherlock Holmes, intermittent narration in Live screening feature.
o Jumanji, unable to select subtitles from the Subtitle list.
Also fixes the following issues: (v1.31)
o BDP auto exit to VOD main page when perform fast forward during buffering.
o Screen Saver is activated after 15-20 mins playback of mkv file in HDD.

Kindly download the software at www.philips.com/support