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    Exclamation Some 3D movies "unviewable" , image out of sync


    I got a BDP3280/12 player with a 7000 series 42"passive 3d TV.

    I have a problem when watching some of my 3d Movies namely Rio and Narnia;Chronicles of the Dawn threader, but i also found out Ice Age 3 and Gullivers Travels 3d have the same problem in 3d. Other movies like, Tron Legacy,Transformers Dark of the Moon, The Hole 3d, Conan, and 7 others are perfect.

    When I pause the movies with the problems, you can clearly see that the frame for the left eye is different then the frame for the right eye, this causes, with both eyes opened, your image to be blurry and very discomforting to watch.

    The EXACT same problem is discribed in this topic; and except this is for a LG BluRay player, here it is solved with a software update.

    I already phoned the problem in at the Philips dutch phone support and they said they never heard of this problem and that they will take a look at it by trying out the same setup and movies.

    There is also a topic on the BDP 7000 series forum that seems exactly the same;

    I already updated my player and TV to the latest firmware, and the problem still persists. I think there is a problem with the 3D coding used on some of the blurays. Something with left and right being coded first.

    Anyone else having these problems with those movies? Hope there will be a fix for this soon, or else it will be a surprise if my 3d movies will work correctly if i buy them, and they are already expensive enough as it is.


    Regards, Chris
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