Greetings all..

After trying to find as much info on the cinema series as possible in other threads I thought it would be
a good idea to start a dedicated one,just to eliminate the long search for newcomers.
That way one does'nt get dizzy reading all those product numbers anymore. it goes...

Few days ago I bought the 50 gold and used it as a monitor playing d.v.d and b.d vids only.
Picture quality is superb..being rid of the ever present black bars is even more superb.
Finally..I have what I wanted for years..payed 1600,- for it at a local store.
So far..I kept everything stock as it came right out of the box.
The screen performs well without any S.W update..this ofcource is only first impression ( few days ).
I've been lurking about those S.W updates debacle and decided it's best not to do anything >> YET <<
I see no point in internet usage because I have blistering fast other devices for that.
As I said I use the screen for whatching movies in a 21/9 aspect ratio as I always wanted.

But..I'm interested in >> WORKING << possibilities on this T.V as well.
That's why I ask all present owners of the gold series to post their experiences right here.
Hopefully..that way we can all help eachother to get the best out of the product.

Thanks for reading.