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For wishing there is the following solution of problem, when DLNA client TV or other devices loses DLNA server after 30 minutes. Usually it is associated with the server on the router, but not only. The problem arises in the fact that the TV doesn't receive or process SSDP announcements from router. It receives information when connecting to the server only. Usually DLNA server sends the value max-age=1800, which gives lifetime SSDP announcement 30 minutes (1800 seconds). You can increase the lifetime of the SSDP announcement.
For some DLNA servers you can do following.

1. For xupnpd (http://xupnpd.org) should be edited file xupnpd_ssdp.lua. Replace in 2 places max-age=1800 to max-age=180000.

2. For minidlna (http://minidlna.sourceforge.net) should be set notify_interval=90000 (as shown above). There's in a file minissdp.c value max-age is defined as (runtime_vars.notify_interval<<1)+10.

3. For mediatomb (http://mediatomb.cc) in config.xml in the section <server> should be written <alive>180000</alive>. By default, in file upnpapi.h is written #define DEFAULT_MAXAGE 1800.

Then connection time is 50 hours from the start of the server. If you want, you may try greater value. Good luck!
This is solution in side server.