I'm so upset about this situation and I hope someone can help me. For Valentines Day my husband bought me a Philips Go Gear Connect 3 mp3 player (S/N JFC1148023671). I've spent most of the day either with tech support or by myself trying to figure out why it's not syncing with Songbird.

When I plug the mp3 player in my computer I get this message on songbird "Songbird has detected "Philips GoGear Connect", but no storage is available at the moment. To enable access, select "Mass storage mode", "USB Drive" or similar option on your device." Tech support told me to uninstall Songbird, reinstall it and restore my settings by clicking on "repair my Philips device". This didn't fix my problem either.

Honestly I'm at my wits end and I'm ready to return this mp3 player and exchange it for a different one that's not made by Philips.

Thank you for any help or advice. - Melissa G.